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Colfer on Jimmy Kimmel

So, I just watched Colfer on Kimmel last night, and


I probably say this more often than is healthy, but Colfer's perhaps the most precious thing on the face of the planet. He's so charming, and from what I've seen of his sense of humor, he's clever too. (Not that I'd doubt that under any circumstances.)

But seriously. Sooooo cute. I was fangirl flailing. I demand RPS of Colfer and anyone talking about his Wolverine action figures. Or maybe of Colfer and watching award shows. And possibly the kidnapping of him by his mother.

♥♥♥ So. Precious. Soooo. Precioussssss.

/ending now before I go all Lord of the Rings

Pairing Pimpinnnnnng


Wert + Davurt. Like a madwoman. Klaine is all fine and dandy, of course, but I waaaaaant Wert and Davurt. Because they're both supermegafoxyawesomehot. Don't lie, you were thinking so too.

So yes. I want Wes/Kurt or Kurt/David slashy goodness. Because UNFYES. (Seriously. The FF.net results pages for both of them are so empty. Kurt/Wes has three, one of which I wrote, and Kurt/David has two. Both of which are by me. /superlame


That is all.

Flint, Resolutions, and TRON

So. I'm uberbummed that we're not getting new Glee until February, and am naturally filling the void with SPOILERS. Which means you should probably stop reading if you don't want them.

Got that? Good. Now.
Flint Wilson, if his name has been confirmed correctly. DO NOT WANT. Just, no. I'm guessing he's Kurt's boyfriend -- I've been speculating/hating as much for a while now; since about HolHoliday times, and wouldn't be surprised if that's the alleged "fight." But seriously. No. Don't want. GTFO.
Don't get me wrong, conflict is fantastic, but seriously -- will Kurt ever get a break? There was Straight Guy Crush that ended in FagGate2010; there was Homobasher Assault that exponentially increased with KissGate; do we really need Dapper Love at First Sight Romancing going up in flames with a GapGate2011? No. We do not. So, RMurphs and company, this is my demand: More happy!Kurt, if you would. And while you're at it, I'd love Rachel to get some friends. I'm all for people loving Kurt, but it's really not fair that Rachel has no friends whereas Kurt has about a million, and they're so similar. /kaythanksbye.

On another note. Anderson? Christ, I hope that's a joke. I was voting for Potter. Blaine Anderson? No. Although Handerson is a nice shipname. And St. Handerson is better. And Hevanderson is best. ;P And that does make his initials BA. Which is totes BA.

Does anyone else want Bartana in Silly Love Songs? Because, UNFyes?

Now, onto the real world.
My New Year's Resolution for this year is to not be a douchebag be more confident. I've decided to go about as much by pretending that I'm always right. I'll let you know how that works out. BD

I went out yesterday with one of the loves of my life (after spending the New Year with another; btw, I did not get locked in her bathroom this year, as I did the last. I call that progress a victory.), and we saw Tron: Legacy. First time for her, only second for me.

And it was even better the second time. OMFG. I love that movie with a burning passion only to be called religious. The costumes and makeup -- UNFYESPLEASE; I want those white shoes. The storyline -- OMG. THERE IS ONE. The soundtrack -- DAFTPUNK. In general? Totes amazing. Super amazing. And it actually made me write a little fanficlet for something other than Glee, for the first time in a while.

Granted, I'm still not happy that there was no romantic Quorra/Kevin (which I'm calling Quorvin) relationship touched based on, because I definitely see it there. And I still hate what they did with Gem (the character had so much potential to be not just another "Ohmahgahd she looks evil; I bet she is!" character, and yet -- nothing), but overall? Yeah, I dig.

So. High hopes for 2011.

(Oh. By the way. On the Glee front again -- I WANT BILLS, BILLS, BILLS. RIGHTNAO. Leakplzzzz?)

Christmas Eve Update

So, the holidays.

Don't get me wrong; I actually love the holiday season. Like, a lot. They're all jolly, and they make me feel warm inside.

Except this year, it sorta blows.
My sister won't shut up and keeps nagging me about "Bo Peep Bo Peep." Yeah, the T-Ara song.
My other sister keeps mysteriously disappearing, so I'm the one stuck with the suddenly K-pop obsessed one.
My mother boozed up and passed out hours ago, after attempting to talk to all of us about some weird Slovak cultural stuff that honestly? No one in my family cares about. (The holidays are being spent with the paternal side of the family.)
And the wireless internet is sucky. And it's freezing.

Although, my aunt? Kinda badass. So her humor makes it a little better.

Holiday Oneshots Update

My holiday oneshots are, um, a little behind schedule. I meant to do one every two days, and now to finish in time, I need to do six in eight days. OHGOD. I'm still going to try, of course. I like challenges.

Sam -- Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Finished.)
Sam -- Candy Canes (Finished.)
Finn -- Mistletoe (Drafted.)
Jesse -- Santa Hats
Jesse -- Yule Log (Finished.)
Finn -- Wrapping Paper
Blaine -- Baby, It's Cold Outside Creative of me, right? ;D (Finished.)
Blaine -- Harry Potter Totes Christmasy, stfu. (Finished.)
Artie -- Sweaters
Matt -- Ho, Ho, Ho
Mike -- Snowballs (Finished.)
Puck -- Santa Claus

I'm kinda thinking that I might do more over my holiday break, after I finish these twelve. Just because I can. :D (And because seriously, I need to do more Changel, and more St. Hummel (I had such a blast writing the Yule Log one, it was insane. ♥), and KAVID. And I'm kinda falling for Wert. /swoon

Of course, Klaine is still my OTP. I just, um, can't write it. Because it always ends up being just like everything else on FF.net.

On another note.

"...Kurt began to explain as his fingers instead turned their attentions on the scarf wrapped around his neck – a scarf of which Blaine's tresses became increasingly envious of." If, prior to that sentence it was mentioned that Kurt had stopped running his fingers through Blaine's hair, that sentence makes total sense, right?
Yeah. Someone asked me if I was sure "tresses" meant hair. Um. Yeah. It's called personification. :/

Bum bum...BUM.

So, I think I'm finally beginning to figure how LJ actually works. Yes, I realize how pathetically sad it is that I'm just now getting the hang of it.

And so, all further fanfiction will be properly formatted uploaded to my new account, dominant_spoon.
So yes, [info]dominant_spoon.

And yes, the username came from exactly what you think it did. I couldn't stop thinking about that for some reason last night. 1. How creepy is that? 2. I could totes be the big spoon in a relationship, even if I am 5'4" or something with little hope for growing anymore. I'll find someone.

Kurt-Emma Kink Meme Fill

Moved and correctly formatted at


Sorry to redirect anyone twice over. ""oTL


So. Remember when (before NBK) I said that I'd ship Klaine even if Blaine ended up being the type of person who tortures bunnies, because Colfer's and Criss's voices go together excellently?

Well, forced cannibalism and such is one thing, but douchey "Courage~! ♥" --> "Conform conform conform!" --> "Do want to fuck~ /drool" personality changing is another. And I'm having OTP troubles.

Don't get me wrong, I love Blaine to death; he's adorable, and he would still be great with Kurty. But he needs to make up his mind already -- is he interested (derp stupid question he's barely able to keep from ravishing the boy) or is he just fucking around and being a "mentor"?
Because really, now I'm just getting annoyed. :/ Maybe it's because I've been reading a lot of Hevans lately, in addition to some abusive!Blaine Klaine, and I'm the type of person who ships what they read, but...

Anywho. I'ma hit up the Kurt_Blaine community for some new fics, see if that will get me in the Klaine spirit. Because I could really use some right about now. :,(

I think I'm getting sick.

A Very Glee Christmas

So we get like, a month straight of the Kurt Hummel Hour, and then out of nowhere we get ONE SCENE? They could at least have put him in the scene at the end when they were trimming Schuester's tree. I could have cried when I saw he wasn't there. :(

-Kurt got a Schuester hug, and picked out an excellent gift for Sue. (lol). And the fact that he finally admitted he's in love with Blaine (after about a month; oh hunny, too fast, too hard, all over again) almost made up for the fact that he was only in one scene. /arrrrggg Colfer withdrawl
-Lauren I am beginning to like. I found her Santa wish amusing, and her commentary on the slush from the parking lot hilarious. :D
-Brartie I am totes shipping now, because that was the cutest fucking thing ever.
-Brittany is officially the most adorable character ever. I about died from cuteness overload when I saw her saying good night to her Barbie and Ken. /meltsssss
-Artie can walk with the help of something from some dude in Israel. First of all, wow. Second of all, awwwww! Third of all, ha. Tina's reaction was priceless. Why yes, that's right, Cohen-Chang, Brittany S'Pierce was the one with Artie when he could finally walk again. Not you. Maybe next time you should reconsider breaking up with that fine specimen of man.
-Mike Chang looked adorable, and actually got a bunch of lines. :D (And I want what he wants for the holidays. ;P)
-Tina is so racist. She needs an Asian Santa? Not cool. (I still love her~ <3 And she would not look like Jackie Chan.)
-Santana was superjealous of Artie, and Mike, when they interacted with Brittany. 'cause she wants her Britts back. :/ (Btw. It wasn't her hair. What?)
-Rachel I felt so bad for. He just weirdly left her at the tree place, and -- gasp! -- has Finchel really ended for good? I'd be lying if I said I didn't want for Finchel to break up (Rach can do a thousand times better), but I always figured she'd be the one breaking up with him. :,(
-Finn annoyed me with his pep speechs. Just saying.
-Sam was adorable, and I found his request for chapstick -- lots and lots of chapstick -- to be funny. (Though I, in denial of his apparent straight as a board-ness, prefer to think that he asked for it so he wouldn't have to keep borrowing Brittany's lip-candy.)
-Quinn was beautiful as ever. (She does have excellent bone structure.) And Santa -- ohhhh, Santa. luls. "Do you have anything for stretch marks?"
-Mercedes wants a pony. YESYESYES. PONY FOR 'CEDES. She could name it Glitter. BD

I found the scene where they told Schuester about all the things they stole to be hilarious. Especially Santana's. XD

I was annoyed by Last Christmas, because I hate the song, but I liked Lea Michele's parts. The bit we got of "We Need a Little Christmas" was cute (and the fact that a teacher threw a shoe at them made me lmao to no end). The song about the Island of Misfit Toys of which I don't know the name was a trainwreck, but a cute trainwreck. <3 Baby, it's Cold Outside was naturally fan-freaking-tastic. And the other Lea Michele song was very nice -- and a band kid got a line!!
But what was with Rachel's hats? They were all floppy and depressing .

To-Do List Update

Wow. I have completed like, nothing since I posted the to-do list. I mean, some of them are done for the most part, I just haven't submitted them. /apprehensionnnnnn

Kurt_Blaine: AU-ish Warblers/New Directions + Kurt. <3 Final edits, dammit. D<
Kink Meme: Kurt-Emma sweetsexytimes without actual porn due to my failure; finished, just has to be submitted when I grow a lady-pair.
Kink Meme: Kurt-Blaine + Kurt-Wes "I don't need a Clark Kent" rough and sexy times; final edits. I totally suck at dirty talk. Like, it's pathetic. /virgin
Kink Meme: Continue working on the Date Auction prompt that I actually just randomly decided I was taking without saying as much. (Good thing, though, because it's kinda coming out really bad. Like, really bad.)

As far as my holiday 12 "Scroogey" Kurt hates Christmas prompts go, I've completed two, am almost done with a third, and have drafted a fourth. :D (Have I mentioned that I love the holidays? They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ♥)
Sam -- Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Finishing.)
Sam -- Candy Canes (Finished.)
Finn -- Mistletoe
Jesse -- Santa Hats
Jesse -- Yule Log
Finn -- Wrapping Paper
Blaine -- Baby, It's Cold Outside
Creative of me, right? ;D (Drafted.)
Blaine -- Harry Potter Totes Christmasy, stfu.
Artie -- Sweaters
Matt -- Ho, Ho, Ho
Mike -- Snowballs (Finished.)
Puck -- Santa Claus

On another note. I've finally managed to addict my younger sister to fanfiction. ;D She's taken a liking to Changel, which there is a serious lack of (appropriate) fic for. (She's twelve; I'ma not give her porn, folks. Even if there is an exceptional Changel fic involving a deep tissue massage... >3>;; ♥)

But...yeah. FF.net only yields 26 results for Mike + Kurt (excluding M-rated), and two of them are mine which I'd rather not show her because I am embarrassed. /xD

Which means....
Fluff meme time!!
I don't usually frequent the fluff meme (because every time I go on there, I find a billion prompts I really really wanna do and end up with a page full of "Write these!!!" self-reminders), but I may introduce her to it, so she can request for herself. ;D

Although I would seriously love anyone who bothers to read this if they write something. ♥♥♥

A Very Glee Christmas is on tonight. <333
I'm eager. I love Brittany-centricness, and the Brartie (which I am coming to ship heavily, in addition to Asian Fusion -- gasp!) looks adorable. <3
 Although. I am really pissed that "We Need a Little Christmas" isn't going to be in the episode. Because WTF. We're not getting any Kurtinacedes friendshipping? Will we get any Kurt-friendshipping? I'm all for the sexy eye-fucking that is BICO, but Kurt can have friends and a boyfriend, I hope RIB realize. /complaining

Is it terrible of me that even though I like Rachel, I don't want her and Finn to get back together? I'm kinda still in the past, shipping Quinnegan.

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