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Writer's Block: On repeat

Which song gives you goosebumps? Good or bad-- tell us why.

Two instantly come to mind, both good. The first is "360°" by 大塚愛, and it absolutely takes my breath away. The other is "Left Behind" from the musical Spring Awakening, and is a tear-jerker if there ever was one. Either way, they're both lovely and repeat-button-worthy.

Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

Beautiful, inspirational, brilliant. ♥†

WAIT WAIT WAIT. / Insomnia

So my sister was reading HBP yesterday, and she mentioned something that really made me think. And it wasn't that Harry must be an idiot if he couldn't come up with the idea to use the lucky Felix Felicias whatever potion on his own.

Why the hell didn't Harry just whip up a batch of lucky Felix or whatever it's called before fighting Voldemort? Seriously, wtf. Couldn't that have guaranteed victory or something? For real. What. The. Fuck. Because seriously. I get that it's deadly if you make it wrong, but is there really no one in the wizarding world that isn't dead, or a Death Eater, that can make a lucky potion? What? What?

I demand explanations, Ms. Rowling. And while you're at it, how about one for the Chamber of Secrets being in a modern sink thing, too? I am not amused by these shenanigans.

/this is why i shouldn't have access to a blog after midnight.

It's currently 3.o6 Eastern Time, Thursday night / Friday morning, and I am exhausted.
But I'm still awake, for absolutely no reason. And the worst thing is, I'm not even doing anything productive. I finished a math test and a lesson, but that's about it. Aside from having spent about an hour composing one (short) reply to an email from someone.
No seriously. I just sat there. And reread it about a dozen times And just kept editing it. Maybe I shouldn't use "I think" here; it's implied - I feel like I'm making this too much about me; how can I redirect it to the topic? - Is this humble enough? I think the beginning is coming off unfriendly and a little 'holier-than-thou.'
It was sad.
I haven't even been writing anything. It's just...weird. Because I'm tired; I know I am. But for whatever reason, I feel like I shouldn't be sleeping. So I haven't been.

I also have Paramore stuck in my head, and my Pandora tab teasing me. Turn it up! it insists, while my common sense says Nuu, it'll wake someone up 'cause I only listen to emo stations.

Christ, I shouldn't blog when sleep deprived. Excuse me while I try to find my sanity.
I bet I'mma regret this post in the morning.
And I think I'm getting sick.

SSBS; SLS; Plants, Chairs, Receptionists

So, the Super Bowl episode. I didn't have high expectations for it, because I've been dying for SLS, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very good, and totally worth the suffering of watching guys tackle each other for god knows how long. The lines were hilarious - Sue's complaints about boobs and fire not exciting her? Santana answering to "Sandbags"? Brittany believing a story about baby cannons and a Mama cannon who can't work? Yeah, I LMAO'ed.

BUT THEN. The Karofsky thing -- oh my god, they're handling his arc so well. Can we give Adler an Emmy or something right now? Because he was flipping fantastic. His facial expressions are to fucking die for. Like when Rachel complained about not wanting to be in the presence of a known homophobe? YES. And when he was watching them perform Thriller/Heads Will Roll -- that smile was so effing cute, I just wanted to hug him so bad.

Finn was actually pretty decent in this episode, I thought. Granted, I had a couple of Ohshitohshitohshit moments (like when he suggested that Karofsky was gay, and when Sam went off on him for the Quinn thing), but in all? Yeah, he wasn't that terrible. Although I found the way that he tried to convince Quinn to pick Glee club wholly hypocritcal. Because doesn't he remember what he did when he had to choose between football and Glee? Yeah. Douchebag was the only one. Even Puck chose Glee.

There wasn't enough Kurt in the episode for my tastes, but BBB was very hot, and the scene with Klaine and Jonesberry -- errrr, I mean, Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, and Mercedes -- was so precious. <3 "Blaine and I love football." -look- "Well...Blaine loves football. I love scarves." We know you do, BB. We love them on you, too.

("Warm milk? Really?" -married couple style tone of surprise- "It's delicious." -married couple style tone of mild protest-
Seriously. Klaine. Yes.)

On another note, Lauren was amazing -- "Not me. I'm gonna bring the pain." -- and I'm loving her more and more with every passing episode. Rachel was adorable -- "Let's kick some ass!!"; "We're going to lie down, just going to lie there. :D" -- and I'm really becoming fond of her friendship with Puck. I never really shipped Puckleberry as a relationship (well, I did briefly, but just so that Rachel would be out of the way and Kurt could have Finn /days of old), but their friendship is very cute, and I think it's good for Rachel to have a friend that could be interseted in her romantically, but isn't. Just the same way that I want a Flirt friendship. (I'd say Klaine, if it wasn't so effing charming.)

Santana's bitterness towards Sue and eventual choice of Glee Club was sweet, Quinn's desire to stay on top was slightly irritating (are we getting human!Quinn back anytime soon? Please?), and Brittany admitting that if she didn't have to worry about her social status, she'd choose Glee Club was very endearing. And the moment of Quinnttany? "Don't worry, I'll talk to Mr. Schue about it." YESSSS. <333

But my favorite parts, I have to admit, were:
1. Figgins' reaction to Sue wanting to shoot Britt out of a cannon, and better still, his reaction to Sue's rampage -- "Oh god."
2. The Will-Bieste friendship. "Do you trust me?" "You're not going to try and kiss me again, are you?" -deadpan- They have the most epic bro/bramance yet, I think, and I really want to see it expanded further. <3
3. Azimio, and everything he said, pretty much. Showtunes being the music of his oppressors? LOL.

As far as the music went, it was all right. BBB was great - although I want Kurt to get another solo, goddammit. Blaine has been in six episodes and has had six solos in that span. In the past seven episodes, Kurt has had two solos. WTF. -- as to be expected from the Warblers; Thriller/Heads Will Roll was good, and Santana's vocals were much appreciated; Need You Now was nowhere near one of my favorites, but I liked Puck's vocals more than I usually do; She's Not There was an utter travesty, but the fact that Davie was there made me smile.


SLS was...I don't even know what to call it. It was great, naturally, but it was also heartbreaking.

Let's start with the obvious Klaine.
After seeing WIGYA, I really wanted to hate Blaine. I mean, I really wanted to hate Blaine. Because that was a really douchey thing to do. But I couldn't, and instead, I'm focusing my hate on myself for my inability to loathe the dapper ass.
Don't get me wrong, I was reallyreallypissed when Kurt stuck up for him with the Warblers (BTW, the way that he rose his hand and wiggled those adorable fingers of his? HOT. And don't pretend like you didn't notice the way the Warblers smiled at him, and watched him so intently, and are totally in love with him.), and Blaine's just like "Why at the Gap? 'cause the guy I like's the Junior Manager there. :DDD" while Kurt's just like "... ;~; ".
But then when they actually got there, and Kurt was helping him out? (Just for the record, I think that Jeremiah's a ginger. Not a blonde. Just throwing it out there.) It was very cute, and I actually felt bad for nervous!Blaine. And when I cried watching the scene, I think it was actually because Blaine was making a horrible idiot out of himself. Though mostly because of Colfer's beautiful sad!faces.
And then afterwards, when Jeremiah confronted Blaine about it? I couldn't even laugh to spite him, because he just looked so sad. It was a total "At first I was like :D, then I was like D:" moment.
Kurt comforting him was supercute, too. <33

This is where the unpopular opinion comes in, though. The scene where Kurt asks Blaine about all their flirty duets, and they have there whole "When Harry Met Sally" discussion? I didn't think Criss's acting was that good. /shoot me now.
I SWEAR. It's not because I'm bitter about the Klaine thing. Actually, I wasn't really as upset as I thought I'd be. (Maybe because Blaine's bitterness about all the hearts everywhere was funny, and cute, and Kurt didn't seem too heartbroken...for now, at least.) It's just that after Adler's epic performance on Sunday, and Colfer's ever-stellar one, just...Criss's delivery of his lines seemed forced, and just...I don't know. I just didn't like the scene for him. Maybe that's why they always have him sing out his feelings - boy can't act serious? This is the guy that wore pink sunnies to the Golden Globes... :/

Anyhow. I still have hope for Klaine, even though I think that their friendship will be superfuckingawkward now that Kurt's said he has feelings for Blaine, but I have more hope for Hevans.
And I want to know where the hell am I supposed to be channeling my hatred? Because it's not working on Blaine, and I actually like Jeremiah. Go figure.

(By the way -- the part with Kurt doodling "Kurt + Blaine" in a giant heart in his notebook? Fucking adorable.)

Now, onto everyone else.

The Kurtchelcedes sleepover was adorable. Mercedes' pajamas - epic win. Rachel's braids - oh hell yes. Kurt just moping - awww.

My heart. Rachel. Shattered. Get that? Yeah.
Okay, as if the scene with the necklace wasn't bad enough, the scene in the nurse was horrible in the best of ways. Just...seeing Michele emote so beautifully in reaction to Rachel hearing - or, not hearing, I guess - that Finn didn't feel the fireworks with her that he did with Quinn? It was terrible, and I wept like a baby.
Firework was awful, I'm sorry, but other than that? Oh, Michele. Such a good episode.

The Artie/Mike bromance was...interesting, and a little terrible for an Artina shipper, but I approved. (: Although I have to wonder if "Rad" and "Dope" will come back, thanks to that cute little exchange of theirs?
I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't a little disappointed with the lack of Artina - I guess it's really over - but I'll live. Why? Because Tina's "My Funny Valentine" had me in stitches (oh my god, yes), and the Bartie was so fucking cute in this episode. When Brittany hugged Artie as her partner? Awwwwww. When she hopped on his lap (btw, that outfit was so sexy on her; those boots) and said "That's my man -- his legs don't work! :D"? I think I got a cavity, legit. Just...so...cute.

I actually wasn't that sad about the lack of Brittana in that episode, because of the Bartie. Which is weird. Because I love me some Brittana. I'm actually kind of sad that we're getting it back so soon, because things are looking so good for Bartie right now... ;~;

Anyhow. I love Lauren a lot - no envelopes full of cash or muffin baskets? "These candies you got me sucked." "But you ate all of them." "I had to make sure they all sucked." - and I think she has a lot of potential. I think it's good for Puck to meet a girl who doesn't automatically spread her legs for him - make 'im work for it. :D
(Although goddammit, where's Quick?)

Except Santana -- my heart broke again. Poor, forever alone Santana. :( Being called a bitch and being told that she would only ever be good as a pole dancer? Yeah, harsh, and uncalled for. Except her candy striper costume -- oh my god, her candy striper costume I almost died. My little sister was in the room with me, and it was really uncomfortable. Because I was all " O_O -incapable of coherent thought- Oh...my word...that's..." and she's like "What? You like it or you don't?". "No, it's nice, it's...nice... /drools."

I still don't want Samtana, because I find it weird, but I think that it could be interesting for a little while, anyway.

Now, for as glad as I am that we've gotten Quinnegan back, I have to ask -- WTF. He'll forgive Quinn for having sex with his best friend, but he won't forgive Rachel for making out with aforementioned best friend? I don't follow his logic. But okay. Whatever. I like their chemistry, and their interactions are very sweet together - Quinn talking about how she and Finn kissing makes her a cheater; how it was doing the exact same thing that hurt him so badly was touching, in a sad, weird sort of way. But I really do wish that they could be endgame, because I really do like them as a couple.

Except Sam. Sam also broke my heart, and yes, by now I've used that expression about a dozen times and it's probably lost all merit. But really, the scene where Santana dropped the hints about Quinn's infidelity, and Sam had that thoughtful, kind of disbelieving but mostly pissed and sad look on his face when he said "No, I watched them, it was just a peck"? Yeah, it was really bad. I teared up. I wanted Kurt to be there and to hold him and tell him It's okay, Jimmy, you can wake up now and I'll be your scooter.
Yes, even in the midst of Klaineuary (which is totes lame, I'm just saying), I can still ship Hevans like a BAMF. Whatever.

Also: When Kurt gave his speech about lonely people and whatever, did anyone else notice Wes staring at him very intently? We see you, Asian boy. We know you be crushing on Kurt, not even grinding up against Santana can make us think you're straight. (Although I found that part very precious.)

Page's hair looked really good in that episode. Like, really good. During WIGYA and SLS? Yeah. It wasn't slicked back; sort of spiked up. And it was uberuberuber hot.

Music was good -- SLS was great, as was WIGYA (I hate how much I love that sexiness. :/), although I wish that Colfer had gotten to sing something. FBG was nice, and Salling with the electric guitar was really hot. Firework was absolutely and completely awful, but I forgive, because Michele's voice is usually very good. I think my favorite, actually, was PYT, though. McHale's voice was just very fantastic, and Shum's moves -- oh, his moves.


Colfer on Letterman. I stayed up to watch it last night - I died laughing. The boy's so cute (though sexy is more appropriate I think, because of that suit of his /swoon.), and his stories were very precious. "But it's mostly just the jackasses. They're always like "Hey, remember all the fun we used to have?" and I'm like, "Yeah, when you stuck a tampon on my back in homeroom, that wasn't fun for me!""

I want a youtube demonstration of that kick he was talking about though. Right now, please.


Pop Diva; BBB; WIGYA

So, in my rush yesterday, I forgot to talk about Pop Diva.

I didn't have high hopes for Pop Diva at first (the preview sounded way too autotuney for my preferences), but I heard the full song the other day, and whoaboy. Kuu has knocked #49 outta the park. :D
Granted, it only reached #3 on Oricon (arrrrggg), but oh my god, Black Candy. For a B-Side, it's fucking fantastic. Actually, for any type of song at all, it's pretty fantastic. It's so original, and unlike her other work -- I love, love, looove it. I can't wait for my first edition A-cover (with poster) to come in. :DDD

And THEN. A new album? Dejavu? Oh my god, the cover is so sexy. Very Sexy Little Things, but very Kuu, still, and I do want. <333


So, we got the full scene for BBB. And I loved it. Like, I fangirl flailed over it until I saw the one for WIGYA.
David? Totally got 50 more sexy points. Because those flips. Those moves. That ass.
Wes -- oh my wizard god, that one part where his tie flew up? I found it incredibly hottttt.
Jeff was freaking amazing. AMAZING. That hair of his, that hair, that hair.
"Logan" was gorgeous as ever -- boy can move his body, and I do approve.
And Kurt -- his hair, his hair, whoashit his hair was the best it's ever been. It was like, almost ladywood inducing. And I usually avoid that phrase since I think it's somewhat crude.
Blaine's hair looked great too, and it showed off his supercute shortness very well. <33
But the eyesex with Kurt was pornographic, yet again. Kurty couldn't keep his eyes off him.

EXCEPT. Then I was really pissed about the eyesex, because of the next topic.

WIGYA. WTF? Who is this alleged "Jeremiah" (I liked Sebastian better, just saying) that Blaine serenades with a creepy song about rubbing and toys? And he makes Kurt help? No, I'm pissed. I don't even care that spoilers indicate he'll actually be half-decent about it to Kurt later on in the episode, I am pissed. Because I find it really hard to believe that Mister Brilliant "Gay Yoda" doesn't know about Kurt's feelings for him -- boy's not subtle at all, haven't we covered this? -- which makes him a jackass on fifteen different levels.
Additionally, WTF is up with the eyesex and the touching and the singing? If he doesn't have feelings for Kurt, he's been leading him on like a fucker and I want him killed immediately. Because BICO -- need I say more? They sang a date rape song. I don't care if he needed "practice," he could have asked Wes or David or Jeff or someone. Granted, I doubt that they have the range that Kurt does, so it'd be a little harder, but it could still have been done!
Oh my word, I'm so angry. The song is so perfect and sexy and I looooove it, and it's just not fair.
And right now I sort of hate all the former Kurtsies that have jumped ship to the Starkid Rocketship. Because they be shipping Gapper Blaine, and they're letting Sweet Baby Gay take a second place. :/

On another note though - I do actually like GapGuy. He's sorta cute, in a homeless Brett-related ginger kinda way? I totes ship him and Kurt. Y'know. Kurtmaih? Jerekurt? 'cause it sounds like jerry-curl? """:D
Colfer totally got ripped off. ROBBED, I say, ROBBED. The boy deserved that damn statue, and they gave it to Baldwin? No. No. Just no. I get that the category was for comedy, but when you compare Colfer's performances to Baldwin's, there is no comparison. Colfer shows incredible depth in emotional situations, and manages to portray accurately human reactions in comedic ones. (Case in point: The clip they showed. Colfer had just the right amount of awkward uncertainty in that scene. And Baldwin? -raspberry noise- Nothing.)

And then Lynch lost to Betty White - not surprising; also not fair, but mostly not surprising. And then they lost the ensemble to Modern Family. WTFNO. I do not approve. Not at all.

Anyway, on the side of their appearances.
Colfer's hair, he had that messy bang, it was just...UNF. He was so charming, as always - the adorable little strut motion he did at the pre-award show on E!? Yeah. That GIF is my new wallpaper. Just...too...precious. The suit was classy, and basic, and I swooned yet again. (:

I'ma be honest: I was shocked when I saw Monteith present. Because even though I don't really think he's that attractive at all, he looked good. Totally UNF-worthy. Grey's a nice color on him, I think, and he looks very good when he's all dolled up.

McHale's hair. I really don't think there's anything more to be said about it, other than OHMYWIZARDGOD. It was fabulous, and the suit -- do approve. The lack of a tie/bow tie was a nice one, I thought, and that pocket hanky...thing...was interesting in the quirkiest of ways. ♥

Salling was fine enough; Morrison looked...I don't know, I wasn't a big fan; Overstreet was oh lordy Overstreet was. Yes, they were screaming because they could see his butt. I would've been, too. The boy has one hell of an ass on him. <3

I wish I could give a direct show-stopper declaration on the females, but I can't. Because the girls really turned it out; it was beautiful.

Mays...my mouth literally dropped when I saw her, because she looked so Jaymamazing. The mango/salmon colored dress was stunning on her, and her ginger curls were beautiful as ever.

Rivera -- I can't say much about the dress (I'm sorry, I didn't really like it. ;~;), but her hair, and that lip stick. Bombshell, much? Yes. Yes.

Ushkowitz -- HELLYES. Definitely one of my favorites. The color was perfect on her, her hair done up like that was positively breathtaking, and it was just an epic win. (Yes, it's crude, but I have to say it: Her boobs looked great.)

Agron was fucking beautiful. Like she always is, but...yessss. I didn't think that I could ever love her hair being up as much as I once did after her old-Hollywood curls at the GGs, but the straight half-bang thing she had going on? Totally proved me wrong. And the way she did up her eyes, oh lord, those amber irises. /swoon. And the dress was very classy, very Agron, and very pretty.

Michele looked great. Her hair in curls is one of my favorites, and it just looked very...natural, maybe, is the word? Yes, I'm in love with her curls at the moment. And that silver dress...yeah. I had mixed feelings about the neckline at first, but then when I got a better look of the way it showed off the collarbone, and not so much boobage, I was happy with it.

Lynch in that purple dress of hers was perfect. The shape of the dress was interesting, the color was incredibly flattering on her, and she just looked like a knockout. (:

Riley's dress was not one of my favorites, but her hair oh her hair and the makeup oh my word made up for it pretty well.

But HeMo -- shit a fucking whore, she looked fan fucking tastic. Yes. Yes. The hair and makeup styling? Yes. The dress? Oh yes. It fit her so beautifully, and the cut was just a nice look on her, and the color copmlemented her complexion and blondeness fantastically. <33


Darren Criss on Ellen. I never watch Ellen (I'm more of a Maury person), but I did just for him, and I was not disappointed.
His prancing onto the stage? Was adorable. Yes. Yes. I cannot get enough of his prancing.
And the song. Who else but Darren Criss would write a song for Ellen about the Disney movie she was in? The boy and his Disney. I LOVE IT.
And that sweater he was wearing looked really good on him. I'm just saying.


Is it true that Flint Wilson might not actually be real? Seriously, trolling? WTF? Who am I going to center my hate on now? I can't go back to Finn, since it seems like we're going to be getting Quinnegan (yes, I'm still going with that instead of Fuinn) back for a little while. <33

ARRRG. Trolling makes my heart sad.


Sam's JBiebs outfit is hot. It is. But.
His hoodie is purple. Now, if it were any other character, I wouldn't say anything about it, because purple's a boss color. But since it's Sam? Yeah. WE SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR.
Purple. The color of gay pride. RIB, you can't keep slipping things in like that and thinking we won't notice. We already caught your little "Sam is Mr. June in the Men of McKinley calendar" hint -- gay pride month, we get it.
But really, purple? At this point, can we please just have Sammy accost Kurt on stage at Regionals or something? Please?


EW; Bills, Bills, Bills; D-Day

So, the Entertainment Weekly cover. Everyone's seen it by now, right? Right.
IDEC how creepy and plastic you people think they look in the pictures -- look at Colfer's hair. I need a copy of this, stat, because Colfer's hair looks fucking fantastic.
Yes, I might be a little bit obsessed with those chestnut locks of his, but really, can you blame me? And he looks so darling on the cover, I can't get over it. /swoon

I will admit that Klaine is a Stepford Ship. They are perfect together, perfect for each other, and there's no coming out conflict or anything like that. HOWEVER. Don't bash it because it's plastic. Blaine has lots of potential as a character, people -- allow me to redirect you to the "prejudice is just ignorance" scene from NBK, and please focus deliberately on the delivery of the "it really pissed me off" line. Yes. Yes. Lots of potential, especially when we take into account Blaine at the 'stiX v. Blaine at the Warblers.

(I reread all of my favorite Kum essays last night, so I'm a bit defensive on the Klaine side right now. In case that's not obvious.)


The preview we got for Bills, Bills, Bills, is fucking fantastic. I've been waiting for this for months (I love me some acapella boy-group covers of 90's R&B girl group songs), and I am not disappointed. Criss's voice is so perfect in the arrangement, it should be illegal. And the little clips we've seen of Kurty dancing in his Dalton uniform? Yeah, I saw the little "calm me" hand. Can you pay my telephone bills, anyone? FABULOUS.

Can't say I'm excited for much else, music-wise, in Thriller -- I hate Lady Antebellum, don't really care about their Thriller mash-up (although the Heads Will Roll song sounds like an excellent fit), and could have killed myself when I heard them letting Monteith cover my favorite Zombies song everrrr (sorry, Time of the Season, you just can't compete) -- but the plot looks decent enough. And I'm definitely looking forward to California Gurls, BB. 'cause the Cheerios can melt my popsicle any time. ;D (Does that even make sense?)

On another note: We're getting Firework, by Michele? Don't get me wrong, I really wanted the song on the show, but by Michele? Just...no, I'm sorry. Perry is an artist I will only accept when covered by Kurt, Blaine, or Tina.
But. We're getting Fat Bottomed Girls by Salling? Usually this is where I'd scream about how goddammit, Colfer and Groffles are the only ones allowed to do Freddie Mercury, but...well, this'll be Glee's fourth Queen song, so I'll forgive. Because I can't get enough. :D (BTW. Four Queen songs, and now four Perry songs? Do they want to look at other artists, or what? I'm still waiting for a Colfer cover of "I Am Not a Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds.)


So. I be moving in the near future. February 20th-ish, to be specific. And I'm freaking out, because where we're moving has:
A) No cell phone service. WTFI'mmadie.
B) No cable. (Which means no Tuesday night Glee. /sob)
C) Slow internet connection. (Which means it'll take forever to watch late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning Glee online.)

I am not happy. Not happy at all. :( Oh, and did I mention that it's a good forty-five minutes away from any of my friends? Yeah. Sucky. :/

That's the noise of an angry and apparently bipolar, as you're probably realizing Klaine-when-it-suits-her-shipper.

"Kurt's in love with Blaine, but it's not reciprocated." As told by Colfer, who apparently is now RMurph's scapegoat when it comes to breaking teenage hearts everywhere.

Obviously, you can see why I really want Blaine pushed in front of a bus? Like, it makes sense now?
Seriously. I need a context for "When I Get You Alone" right now. And then I want Blaine and Flint murdered violently with GAP hangers or something. By Mercedes. Please.


Don't get me wrong, it totally makes sense, and I think the person is absolutely right. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it. Seriously, Kurt needs more shit right now? Will the boy ever get a happy ending? The victimizing has ceased to be endearing, RMurphs.

So. I might cry. Or write a fanfic entitled "Five Times Kurt Wanted to Kill Blaine, and One Time Sam Did it For Him." Maybe both simultaneously. Yeah.


I saw a video on the interweb earlier, in which HeMo was being interviewed about Twilight, and said that she would want to play Taylor Lautner's character. Because she gets to take her shirt off. What? She doesn't know.

Oh my god. If that was the case, I would absolutely watch Twilight. Have I mentioned lately that I love that woman? She's so adorable and charming, and then at the Golden Globes -- she was stunning. And seeing her (and Lea, I might add) tear up for Colfer? It was so precious, I could have died there and then. Because YESSSS.


So, I was pissed when I started watching the Golden Globes. I was still on that aforementioned OMFGGODIEBLAINE kick, and not even painting my nails helped. (Which is weird, because not only is that usually my go-to cool-down, I even used magenta and teal, with my favorite magenta sparkles. And they didn't even get fucked up, for once.)
Although it probably didn't help that I painted them while watching the Pats (I vaguely follow them, when I have nothing better to do) get their asses handed to them on a platter.

Anywho. By the time the GGs came on, I was sad. Because I figured Colfer wouldn't win, because hello -- Modern Family or whatever.

I saw Darren Criss, and I smiled.
Colfer won.
I fangirl flailed and cooed the whole time. It was actually pretty pathetic -- I could not get over his hair; tell me that I'm not the only one who thought it was totally supermegafoxyawesomehot?

And then Lynch won too, and I freaked. I was sad when Michele lost damn thing is rigged, but then happy again when Glee won (ohmygod, OVERSTREET. And Alder looked so cuddly and cute. :D), and then a little bit infuriated when Johnny Depp (my legal drug for four years now) lost.


Don't get me wrong, I'm still pissed that Blaine's apparently gonna be what people call in the muggle world "a douchebag," but when Colfer has a Golden Globe tied to his name, Agron and Michele and Riley and Ushkowitz and HeMo and Rivera and Mays and Lynch looked stunning, Criss had on the cutest bowtie ever, Adler looked kind of adorable, and Overstreet and McHale looked uberUNFworthy?
Hard to be that pissed.

In case it's somehow unclear, I freakin love that boy. Aside from being smokin hot while at the same time utterly adorable, he's so disarmingly charming and clever.
Yes, I might be a little bit besotted. But isn't everyone?

On another note: I have a new respect for IB. I had no idea he was the evil mastermind behind SS. :D

So yes. I'm about twice as in love with Colfer and HeMo as I was yesterday. But can you really blame me? Rewatch Colfer's win about a dozen more times, and tell me that he's not amazing. And tell me that HeMo isn't gorgeous.


Michele's dress -- ohmygodMichele'sdress. Pink is such a fantastic color on her, and that one was absolutely positively amazing. Her hair looks gorgeous up, and oh lord, that was such a great outfit. Her stylist needs an award just for that.
Riley's dress -- my initial thought was ohhotdamn,that'sagoodfit. Because that dress hugged the woman's curves like nobody's business, and I'll be damned if she wasn't pretty much on fire. Her hair looked great styled with those little loose curls, and it was just greatgreatgreat. Yeah.
Fink's dress -- was very pretty; I was surprised by how much I ended up liking it when I got a better look at it. When I first saw it (when she kissed Colfer; awwww), I was a little iffy on the sleeves, but I do approve. Mmhm.
Agron's dress -- when she stood up with the rest of the cast to get their award, I was stunned speechless. Like, it was a gapeworthy moment. Because she. was. fucking. gorgeous. I don't even know a proper word for it; I think I decided in that moment that I'm completely and entirely in love with her. Do I really need to explain it? It was a gorgeous dress, it fit her great, and ohmygodthathairthathairthathair. I have such a thing for blondes, and Agron is...yeah. /combusts
Ushkowitz's dress -- YESSSSSS.UNFPLEASE. She looked fanfreakingtastic -- the hair was beautiful; down and flowing, and that navy color was such a beautiful color on her. And I dig the strapless look on her; yesssss.
Jayma's Jayma-mazing dress -- those curls. those curls. those curls. Between her and Amy Adams, I felt so bad about all the ginger jokes I tend to make (yes, I'm looking at you "creepy ginger kids"). Because yes.yes.yes. I mean, I already thought she was a goddess (Adams too, while I'm at it), but that was just perfect. (And the subtle cleavage. Very classy.)
HeMo's dress -- I can't say I really liked the dress itself, but the color was breathtaking on her, and she just looked like her usual, fantastic self. (Okay, maybe I don't like the dress so much because it didn't show off nearly as much skin, or as much of her figure, as I'd have liked. But still.)
Rivera's dress -- do I even have to say it? The beige color is beautiful with her carmel skintone, and the straplessness -- I'm a sucker for it, and the way it hugged her frame was purely sinful.
Lynch's dress -- Jane Lynch, aka my hero, is always a classact. Always. And that gown was beautiful on her.
Wilde's dress -- I could have died. Usually I'm against really big dresses like that ("trying to hard" tends to come to mind), but ohlordy. That was beautiful on her; it complemented her hair beautifully, and her eyes looked fantastic under the fringe, and I was instantly reminded of why I loved her in Tron: Legacy so much.

ZEFRON. Was smoking. Of course.
MCHALE. Was as totally eronerdy as we've come to expect from the boyband McHale + geeky Artie Abrams character.
CRISS. Made me spaz every time he came up on screen, because suchadorablecurls.
OVERSTREET. Superfine. Nothing more needs to be said, other than that I might have swooned a little bit when I saw that flash of blonde hair of his.

Colfer. Colfer. Colfer. Absolutely stopped the show. No sparkles; nothing fancy; no patterns. Just him, a black suit, and a tie baby. AND IT WAS HOT.

Logurt / Kurtofsky / Spoilersssss

So. After strong attempts to avoid reading it, I finally caved and pulled up the damn fic that everyone keeps talking about; CP Coulter's "Dalton."

Oh my god.
My heart breaks for Logan. Like, I want to see Blaine pushed in front of a bus.

"He's not worth all this!"
Logan slumped down onto the ground the way he did during Sectionals, after Kurt had slapped him and fled his presence, leaving him cold with nothing to grasp on. It was like a candle going out, leaving him in the dark, angry and confused all over again. He put his hands to his temples. He wanted that light back.
"…yes he is."

See why? Yes. Fuck DapperFace McShittyAdvice; Logan's the one. Yes. Kurt needs Logan, Logan needs Kurt. Happy ending.
I think I might be the only person who ships -- christ, can you ship something in fanfiction? -- that, judging by what I've seen on the forums. But still. Logan FTW.

I'ma tell you the truth here; I bawled when Logan told Kurt he loved him, and Kurt's just like: ":o ... -Blaine singing- *swoooooon* :DD"
'cause seriously, baby gay. NO. It shoulda been: ":o <333333 *commence sweet boy kisses* /happily ever after"

And then the New Year's scene...I died inside. I couldn't read anymore after that, because Logan's just like "I'm totally ridiculously in love with you, and you make me feel good, and I hate being numb because you're amazing and will you marry me and have a million gay babies with me?!" And then Kurt's like. "Hm -- nothanks! I like hobbits who tease and give me crappy advice and don't stand up for me. Sorry! :D"

So yeah. I stopped reading after that scene. To be honest with you, I don't really like the fic that much. The characters are fascinating, but I just can't get into it. Eventually I just started skimming through until I read Logan's name. :/


Kurtofsky. I've said all along that I can't and won't ship it, because being a homosexual isn't an excuse for being a homobasher. And yet, the hiatus does strange things to my mind, and I actually read a couple Kurtofsky fics that I liked. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to ship it. I'm not saying that the pairing makes any more sense to me now. I'm not saying that I want them to run off into the sunset.
All I'm saying is that Karofsky has a cuddly-looking frame, and Kurt needs a wall-of-meat/sassy gay BFFL, and I think Karofsky could fit the bill if he stops spazzing and starts being a pal. Besides, the "Born this Way" episode -- fuckyeah, btw -- is about Karofsky, and, um, Gaga? Yeah.


Oh my god, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.

1. Born this Way -- YESYESYESNOWPLEAZ. I have been dying for another Gaga episode since, oh, Theatricality? Because Gaga -- yes. (And because Kurt didn't get nearly enough Gaga solos, seriously, wtf.) And an episode with Gaga's new single (February 13th BB!) about Karofsky (hopefully) accepting his sexuality? Preferably with the song being sung to him by Kurt and Blaine in an effort to tell him "It's okay to be different"? EPIC POTENTIAL.

2. HolHoliday -- YESSSS. I can't say I'm happy that she's coming back as a love interest for Schue (doesn't the guy get enough action? Not cool.), but I'm ecstatic that she is coming back in general. As a Sex. Ed teacher, at that. I repeat, YESSSS. I hope Kurt's at WMHS for that. Because she's his girl crush, and she'd be the one to bring him back. And, you know that Puck would be the person to ask about gay sex for Kurt's sake. ;D

3. April Rhodes -- :D I really don't think anything sums it up more than that emote.

4. JBiebs -- LOLOLOL. So. Sammy's going to want Q back, apparently? Lame. I'd much rather think that Sammy's going to be singing something like "One Less Lonely Girl Boy" to Kurt, or that smile song, or even "Baby." Because I want him to come out of the closet already; it's obvious he's on Kurt's team. ;P

5. When I Get You Alone -- So, I Youtube'd the song when I heard Blaine was going to be singing it. Um. Wow. I was very uncomfortable with the lyrics, and thus, instantly understood why Blaine is supposedly singing it to Kurt. Because "Teenage Dream" (put your hands on me in my skintight jeans; let's go all the way tonight, no regrets, just love) was suggestive, in a subtle and convenient sort of way. And then "Hey, Soul Sister" had innuendos in the full-version that make me giggle every time (like a virgin or Madonna, and I'm always gonna wanna blow your UNF mind). And then "Baby, it's Cold Outside" -- I'm pretty sure I don't have to say it, but I will anyway.
DATERAPEDATERAPEDATERAPE. (Say, what's in this drink?; gosh your lips look delicious; ooh your lips are delicious and then all that eyesex.)
So yeah. Blaine's not really subtle. And if he has a boyfriend already, like I think he does (yes, looking at you Flint), then he's a douchebag and a tease. And Finn's going to have to kick his ass before sweeping Kurt up into his arms and loving him all the way back to McKinley.

6. Groffles -- I haven't seen many articles talking about him; are we getting JsJ back for the Back Nine? -puppy eyes-

Arrrg, finals and unit tests this week. If I can get them done by the end of this week, I have all of next week off.
Naturally, I'm going to procrastinate until the last night and crammmmmm.

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